Coldstream Guards Regimental Welfare

We have formatted this section in order to outline the working of Regimental Welfare and how this can be accessed. Regimental Welfare is part of the Coldstream Charity foundation. It has been put in place to provide help to all Coldstreamers, who have served, or are serving in the Regiment. The Trustees administer the Charity, with Captain (Retd) RWC Matthews, as Secretary and Welfare Officer of the Association. They are based at Regimental H.Q.

Birdcage Walk, Wellington Barracks, London SW1E 6HQ

The Welfare Charity operates in conjunction with, SSAFA, The Army Benevolent Fund and the British Legion, plus a number of other organizations as circumstances warrant. Assistance from various agencies takes many forms, including, medical, employment, housing, child welfare, pensions, family holidays, convalescing , financial, and debt management, which includes professional guidance.

The Regiment has been performing these duties for many years and has vast experience in most of these fields, and are able to recruit expert guidance when needed. How the system works is that after contact, a professional member of the SSAFA team holds an interview to determine exactly what help is needed and how it can be implemented. A report goes to the Regiment outlining the situation and recommendation of a solution, whether short or long term. If it is a financial situation, a recommended amount of finance is requested from the Regiment and its contributing charities.

Coldstreamers in need of help can contact RHQ direct or through the local Regimental Associations, or via SSAFA, located in most large towns, The British Legion, or The Army Benevolent Fund.

Serving Members needing advice should first approach their immediate superiors with a request to see the Families Officer, who has all the information required.

All inquiries, interviews and assessment are strictly private and confidential.
Phone and email contacts are listed at the end of this Statement.

As stated the Regimental Charity has a long and generous history of helping our own. In the last financial year the Regiment made grants to 72 Coldstreamers and dependents, the amounts totaling £21,682 with the total expenditure for the year of £45,254, when total donations from other service charities are taken into account the sum total is over £80,000.

Regimental Funds Charter
Regimental Charity is not something you need to beg for, or feel ashamed about, that you and your family are in need. As a member of the Coldstream Family a request is your right.

Contact, for Hon. Secretaries of the 38 Branches.
Mr. E. Cook
Tel.01642 464660

National Tel. 0845 1300975

National Branch Finder

Royal British Legion

Army Benevolent Fund
Tel. 020 7591 2000